Jennyfer Bucardo


 District 6 

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Asheboro, North Carolina

Jen's Position 

Implement Health Education as a Core Curriculum in Schools


My main priority in Congress is to reform the education system in North Carolina. The education system has the ability to end poverty, increase job creation, decrease the per capita spending on health care, and increase the morals and values in our Country. Implementing health education as a core curriculum will teach children how to take care of their bodies and promote healthy decisions through their lives. 


Teaching children about their physical, mental, and emotional health will increase the likelihood of children making wise decisions pertaining to their health. In return, society will benefit from healthier children that will turn into healthy adults decreasing the burden on our health care system .



My second priority in Congress is to push for a SMART healthcare system for all. While pushing for a Healthcare system that will benefit all people, I will also make sure that the insurance, pharmaceutical, and pharmacy benefit managers are regulated in order to decrease the cost of life-saving medication.  The insurance, pharmaceutical, and research companies have had too many chances to repair their wrongdoings, but have failed to do so. For far too long, there has been unethical behavior that prioritizes profits at the expense of people. 


Another major component of regulating the healthcare system lies in changing patent and exclusivity laws around all medications. Patents are said to increase innovation, but may actually hinder it by focusing only on the profit margin. 

Information System

My third priority in Congress will be to find a way for our citizens to stay informed about current legislation while finding a way to hold members of Congress accountable for their actions/inactions. By developing a system that allows government officials to communicate directly with their constituents, we will be able to decrease miscommunications and strengthen our communities. 


This country was founded and built by immigrants, but this is a new age and therefore new measures need to be taken. It is important to secure the borders with humane policies. It is also important to allow the people in this Country a faster way to legalize their status. Some of these individuals are family and friends that are contributing members of society.


I do believe that chain migration and visa lotteries must come to an end, temporarily. Our main focus should be on the individuals who are already in this Country. 


I am a proud supporter of the second amendment. I believe everyone should have the ability to defend themselves and their families. In order to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and mentally unstable individuals, a national registration database must be implemented. 


Over and over again, we see organizations polluting our land and our air and footing the bill to clean up their mistakes to our people. It is time to stand up to these giant corporations and demand a higher quality of environmental safety standards. Big business's careless approach to environmental safety standards and overall reckless behavior must come to an end. 

We should know something is wrong with our government when they choose to side with big business over the health of our citizens. This is the only planet we have, In what shape will it be when we leave it to our children?  

Women Empowerment

In this day of age, our women are held back by society's gender norms, by religious gender norms, and by cultural gender norms. Unfortunately, women are subjugated to these norms day after day. It is time to erase those norms, to teach our little girls and little boys that we are in fact equal. 

In order for the empowerment of women to proceed, men must join women in the fight for equality. As parents, it is extremely important to teach our children to see the world in a new way. A way where women see themselves for what they are truly worth. It's not enough to say women are equal, we must act like it is. 

National Decriminalization of Marijuana

Being in possession of marijuana should not ruin the life of an individual. Decriminalizing marijuana is instrumental in defeating the school to prison pipeline that affects many of our citizens. Decriminalizing marijuana will also decrease the disproportionate amount of arrests on black and brown citizens. 

It is important to acknowledge that the FDA allowed drugs such as oxycontin to flood every city in our country causing an epidemic, but our government won't allow individuals to benefit from the positive properties of marijuana.

Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

Our generation and the generations to come will be drowning in student debt causing our economy to become stagnant. With less money to spend, our people have little to no money to buy their first homes, some are moving in with parents in order to pay off their loans. 

Student loan lenders have used predatory practices in order to increase their profits at the expense of the students. Lenders have been found to offer borrowers unfair terms that would increase the amount of the loan using deceptive practices. This must end, and those lenders should be held accountable.

If corrupt banks and mismanaged hedge funds could receive a bailout, then so will our borrowers who are contributing members of society.  

Higher Standards for Charter Schools

Charter schools are one of the many institutions that are privately owned but publicly funded. Charters are not better than public schools. Charters have lower standards than public schools do. I plan on leveling the playing field between the public school system and the charter schools in order to increase the quality of education for our children. 

Increase Government Accountability

It is time that We The People held our government officials accountable for their actions/inaction. These officials are supposed to represent us, they are to have our best interest at heart, but that vote is being sold out to the highest bidder. In order to end this unethical practice, we must:

  • Demand more Action from the Ethics Committee

  • Vote out individuals who are complacent 

  • Regulate Lobbying

  • End Gerrymandering

  • End the two-party system

  • Publicly fund elections

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

I believe we all have choices to make in life. Personally, I do not support either side. I support pro-prevention. I consider pro-prevention being the best choice possible for our people. Pro-prevention is teaching through HEALTH EDUCATION about taking control of your body by preventing unwanted pregnancies. Prevention is key in this matter.

Pro-life and Pro-choice are both consequences of a lack of education and understanding of the female cycle. Tackling this problem at the root will allow women to control their bodies without the need to end a life in a traumatic experience. 

Rebuild the Foster Care System 

Choosing to put children up for adoption instead of having an abortion brings us into the foster care system; a system everyone tends to disregard. It is needless to say that the foster care system needs to be funded and quality improvement measures need to be implemented. These children need to have a good life, a life worth living. The children will turn into adults that may end up in the same cycle and we cannot allow that to happen; they are also our future.